The bathroom is one of your home’s hardest-working rooms. From brushing your teeth in the morning to soaking in the tub after a long day, you rely on your bathroom to help keep you and your family clean. 

But for a room devoted to personal hygiene, the bathroom sure can get pretty dirty. And, as if the soap scum in the shower and hair in the sink weren’t bad enough, then there’s the dreaded task of cleaning the toilet. No wonder bathroom cleaning can often get kicked down to the bottom of your housekeeping list. 

Luckily, we’re here with some failsafe tips to get your bathroom sparkling clean!

1. Keep Supplies Close By

Most professional maid services use a cleaning caddy to carry their supplies around with them. If you have bathrooms on different floors of your home, keeping a few basics in each of them can help make bathroom cleaning more convenient. You never know, you might even be inclined to clean more often this way!

2. Clean From Top to Bottom

This rule applies to house cleaning in general, but you should always clean high surfaces such as ceilings, light fixtures, and the tops of bathroom cabinets first. Although using a microfiber cloth should trap dirt rather than knocking it to the floor, if any debris does fall to the ground, you can deal with it when you clean there. 

3. Think Multi-Purpose

If you’re going to buy sprays and cleaners, it’s best to choose ones that work for different surfaces and techniques. This way you won’t need to waste time and money on several different products at a time. Often, though, household products such as white vinegar and dish soap are just as good and more cost-effective. 

4. Save the Sink and Toilet for Last

It’s pointless scrubbing the sink before you’re done as you’re likely to get it dirty again. As for your toilet, the best way to get rid of nasty stains is to apply a combination of white vinegar and baking soda then let it sit while you clean elsewhere.

House cleaners swear by this solution, plus it’s better for the environment than pouring hydrochloric acid down there. Once the rest of the bathroom is done, flush the toilet then check for any lingering stains.

Finish up by dumping any dirty water down the sink and rinsing out any sponges. You’ll then be able to dedicate the last few minutes of your cleaning schedule to shining the faucets and wiping away any toothpaste smears from the sink.   

Housekeeping Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Sparkling

We know that housekeeping can feel like a huge and overwhelming chore that’s never really finished.

But with these bathroom cleaning tips to help you, it should now be a lot easier to know the right tools and techniques to get the job done faster and with less effort. 

Or, failing that, why not let us here at Qualified Cleaning Service do the dirty work for you? For more information, feel free to contact us today!