Did you know that sanitizing and cleaning the bathroom is the Americans’ most disliked household chore?

There are other household responsibilities that people can’t stand too. These include doing laundry, washing dishes, completing yard work, and cleaning the refrigerator. Yet, living in a clean home is essential for people’s mental and physical well-being.

If you want to live in a better environment, you’re in the right place. Continue to read to avoid housekeeping mistakes and make your home sparkle. 

1. You’re Using Harsh Cleaners

Some house cleaning products have a very low or very high pH. If that’s what you have, you’re at risk of facing caustic burns on your eyes or skin, as well as skin irritation. 

So, pick something less abrasive for your needs next time you’re in the grocery store. Check out the product ingredient list and ensure it doesn’t contain sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid. 

Finally, beware that typically, cleaners such as general-purpose solvents, toilet bowl cleaners, and heavy-duty degreasers are more acutely hazardous. So for those, go for the gentlest product to get your cleaning sorted

2. You’re Not Airing Out Enough

According to several studies, cleaning is linked to exposures that lead to a decline in lung function. So, aim to reduce fumes and toxic particles by letting the air circulate in your house during this chore. 

It’s pretty simple: you need to ensure that the inside of your home is well-ventilated while dusting and cleaning. Open the doors and windows, and turn on your exhaust fan or central air system. 

Finally, you can maximize your cleaning by trying to bring it to the outdoors. After all, UV rays have antibacterial properties. So, shake out throw rugs to remove dust and air out blankets on a clothesline to rid them of dust mites.

If you don’t know how to find time to do these chores, that’s okay. You can hire house cleaners to ensure your home gets clean and tidy. In the end, a cleaned house is essential to prevent allergies. It’s an investment in your health! 

3. You’re Not Letting Products Sit

If you’re not letting your cleaning products soak for a while, you’re doing it wrong. You’re allowing germs to get left behind. So, give them a “dwell time” to sit and break down whatever grime, bacteria, grease, and dirt it’s meant to remove.  

Sure, that’s not a problem when washing dishes. But for most of the other things, it can be.

To clean things in a way that it’s time effective, spray the dirtiest surfaces first, and let the product sit. Meanwhile, you can clean the less grimy areas. Then, return to the most filthy areas to wipe down (as the product has sat for a while).

Just remember that at times, you shouldn’t use antibacterial wipes to clean. 

Housekeeping: It Takes Effort and Time

If you’re constantly busy, housekeeping can feel like a burden. Yet, living in an unclean and cluttered environment can damage your mental health.

So, why not hire maid services? They’ll ensure you have a clean and tidy home, making you feel more productive and creative. It’s all about maximizing your well-being!

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