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5 Things to Consider When Hiring Professionals to Clean Your Home

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As the number of families with two full-time working parents continues to rise, so has the demand for professional house cleaning services. To put things into perspective, the cleaning services market size was valued at a staggering $292.6 billion in 2019 and is only expected to keep growing. If you’ve been struggling to keep on top of your housework, then hiring a professional might be your best option for you. Working with a professional cleaning service allows you to have a clean, sanitized, and organized home even when you are too busy to stay on top of your cleaning.

A messy home can have a huge impact on your mental wellness. According to research, clutter can lead to increased cortisol levels (the stress hormone), reduced working memory, and lower overall life satisfaction.

A professional cleaning service covers all your house cleaning needs, giving you the time and freedom to deal with other important things.

With that being said, here are some of the most important things to look out for when choosing a professional cleaning service for your home:

Flexible Schedules

A good residential cleaning company will work closely with you to create a cleaning schedule that works for you. The last thing you want is to hire a cleaner who can’t come to your home when you need the work done.

Find out what times the cleaners operate. For example, depending on what you need, are they available during the weekends or in the evenings?

Also, you need to determine whether you prefer to be at home as the cleaners do their job. Keep in mind that different companies have different policies in regards to whether clients can be at home while the cleaning is going on. Some will require you to be present and sign a document while others may ask that you (and your pets) stay out of the property during the session to ensure minimal disruptions and a more quality clean-up. This will play a role in how well a company is able to work around your schedule.

Professional Communication

There needs to be proper and effective communication between you and your cleaners. When proper communication is established, there is minimal chance of conflict and dissatisfaction. The cleaners will know exactly what is needed of them and you will know beforehand how they plan on carrying out the job and what to expect.

If there is a language barrier, you can make an effort to learn a bit of the lingo to be able to better communicate with them. This will not only help to ensure that you understand each other but also goes a long way in building rapport.

You also need to ensure that you can communicate easily and effectively with the company’s office. They need to be committed to quality and helpful customer service. This will help ensure that any issues or concerns you may have are quickly addressed.

Good Reputation

Before settling on any residential cleaning company, it is crucial that you check their online reviews. Customer reviews help provide an insight into what to expect from the company. This is one of the best ways to gauge their customer service.

Also, seek recommendations from friends and family who have previously used a cleaning service and had a satisfactory experience. They may also provide useful information on cleaning companies to avoid if they had a negative experience.

If a company has received a lot of positive reviews and comments, then you’ll most likely have a positive experience with them and vice versa.


You should never work with a cleaning company that doesn’t carry proper and current insurance. Keep in mind, that there is always the lingering risk of injury. In the unfortunate event that a cleaner is injured while on your property, you can be held legally liable for the resulting medical bills and lost wages. Insurance protects you against this kind of liability.

Insurance also covers your property and belongings. If the cleaner breaks or damages something while cleaning or if anything goes missing, the policy will cover the repair or replacement costs.

So, if a company can’t provide proof of insurance, just walk away. As they say, better safe than sorry.

Services Offered

There is no use in hiring a company that doesn’t provide the exact services you require. Thus, before hiring the company, first find out the types of services that are available.

If you need someone to be doing some touch-up cleaning each week (for example, dusting, light vacuuming, and wiping the bathrooms), find out whether they offer such services. Or perhaps you want cleaners who specifically use allergy-friendly products.

Perhaps you are able to keep up with your daily household chores but need help with deep cleaning every month, for example, cleaning your carpets, the oven, and your upholstery.

By determining your specific needs, the easier it will be for you to choose the right cleaner for your home.

Additional Tips for Choosing the Right Cleaning Service

Your budget is another important factor to consider. However, you shouldn’t just settle for the cheapest company you find. The point here is to find quality service but at an affordable rate.

In most cases, cleaners will come with their own cleaning supplies and equipment. But in some cases, they may use the materials you have at home. So, it is important to understand what applies in your case to be prepared.

Besides carrying insurance, you also need to ensure that the company is licensed and bonded to operate in your area.

Getting Started

Hiring a professional to take care of your house cleaning needs is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your home. It allows you to enjoy a clean and organized home while giving you the time and freedom to handle other things on your priority list.

House cleaning is a labor and time-intensive job, and when your house is in a mess, it can a great source of stress. Leaving this cumbersome task to someone else well-qualified to tackle it gives you some much-needed peace of mind.

Call our offices today to get the clean home you’ve always wanted. We will give you a free quote and tell you more about how we can help you keep on top of your cleaning.

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