Did you know approximately 20 million Americans are allergic to dust? A dust allergy is an allergic reaction to dust mites, and these little critters thrive in all dusty environments. Frequent house cleaning can keep them at bay and help you breathe easier.

Get rid of those nasty dust mites today! Keep reading to find out how often you should dust your home and what the best dusting tools are.

What Are the Best Dusting Tools?

No matter how great you are at housekeeping, dust will accumulate over time. Having the best tools for the job will help keep dust at bay. How often should you dust your home? Weekly or bi-weekly, depending on how sensitive your family members are.

1. Dusting Cloth

A microfiber dusting cloth is a fantastic way to pick up and trap dust. They are generally soft on surfaces and work even better when wet.

You can use these microfiber dusting cloths on multiple surfaces in your home, from wood tables to stovetops. They are a versatile, relatively inexpensive house cleaning tool!

2. Extendable Duster

Dust loves to live on top of ceiling fan blades, high shelves, and all hard-to-reach places. This is where an extendable duster comes into play.

Instead of climbing on ladders, extend out the arm, and you can dust efficiently. An extendable duster can also fit in tight spaces, and the duster head can rotate so you can dust from all angles.

There are options for disposable extendable duster heads and reusable ones depending on your preference.

3. Vacuum

A vacuum tends to be your number one friend when house cleaning. If you have one that’s powerful enough, it can pull dust right out of carpets, furniture, and floors.

Most vacuums come with a dust head, so you can swap the attachment out and tackle difficult crevices or tight spaces. If you have an upright vacuum, they can be more challenging to use when dusting. A canister vacuum with a filter is the way to go.

4. Appliance Duster

Dusting under heavy appliances can be a real pain, especially if you have to move them. An appliance duster can offer you a slim profile that is easy to slip under appliances and in tight spaces!

If you are hoping to do some weekly dusting but don’t want to move your stove every time you do it, an appliance duster is your best option! Most have removable and washable heads so that you can reuse them.

5. House Cleaners

Don’t like cleaning at all? You always have the fantastic option of hiring maid services, like Qualified Cleaning Service! We are professionals and will do the dirty work for you.

If you live a busy life and just can’t find the time to keep everything clean, you don’t have to live a dusty life. We will come in and offer suggestions based on your cleaning needs.

How Often Are You House Cleaning?

If you have fallen behind on your house cleaning and want a deep clean or would prefer someone come and clean your house every week, we have options for you! Give us a call or request a quote today, and we will happily provide one for you.