When it comes to clutter in your home, the kitchen junk drawer is usually the first to be filled. While a junk drawer may have a purpose, it can very easily be filled with unnecessary and even broken items. When your junk drawer turns into a catch-all filled with items that should technically be put in a bin instead, you might need to start decluttering.

So, keep reading for house cleaning tips with a focus on decluttering your kitchen drawers!

Get All the Tools Ready

Before you start, it’s important to have some supplies at the ready. You’re more likely to throw away rubbish instead of just putting it back if you have a trash bag nearby. You’ll also need some cleaning supplies to clean the drawer itself and any items that may have gotten dirty due to lying in the drawer for a long time. 

Sort, Group, and Arrange

The first step will be to take everything out of the drawer and clean or dust the drawer itself. This will give you a clean area to put everything that you are keeping.

Go through the items one by one and really critically look at them before deciding what to keep. You don’t need half-empty pens or salt packets that you’ve kept for years. Throw away everything that won’t be going back into the drawer.

Once you’re left with a smaller pile of “to-keep” items, it’s time to group similar items together. If you have access to some drawer dividers or even trays that fit in your drawer, you can place the grouped items together and keep them separated from each other. This will allow you easy access to smaller items like rubber bands without needing to scratch through a bunch of rubbish.

When putting the organized items back into the drawer, it’s also important to keep in mind where you put them in the drawer. Items that you need regularly, or “must-haves“, need to be easily accessible if you want your organization to stick. 

Maintain Organization

Once you’ve decluttered and organized your junk drawer, it is important to maintain the organization, otherwise, the drawer will be filled with rubbish again very quickly. Depending on your habits, you might want to do a light reorganization once every week or month to keep everything where it needs to be.

House Cleaning and Decluttering Made Easy

You don’t need to use these house cleaning tips exclusively on your kitchen drawers; most of these tips can be used in every aspect of your home. So get your cleaning products ready and keep this house cleaning guide nearby as you declutter and organize your home!

If you are in the Lakeland–Winter Haven metropolitan area and looking for a professional team to help you with housekeeping or periodic cleanings to ensure your home is easy to maintain, feel free to contact us today!