According to the BLS Time Use Survey, both men and women spend around 2.5 hours per day on house maintenance activities like cooking and cleaning.

If you’re also working at a day job, that hardly leaves you any time for yourself or your family. More free time is the most obvious reason to hire house cleaning services, but it’s not the only one.

Keep reading for more advantages you’ll enjoy when you hire a professional team to take care of tedious housing maintenance tasks. 

1. A Cleaning Service Offers Flexibility

Most of us can cope with regular cleaning tasks like wiping counters and doing the dishes. We tend to put off the more significant tasks, like cleaning ovens and refrigerators.

When you hire a house cleaning company, you can specify what you want them to do. You can set up a routine service, or hire them for a big cleanup less frequently.

This is particularly useful if you’re expecting guests or hosting a party and want to make sure your home is at its best before anyone arrives. A post-renovation cleanup is another arduous task that’s best left to the experts.

2. Save Money on House Maintenance Tasks

When you hire a house cleaning service, you needn’t waste money on expensive cleaning materials. These experts know how to clean every nook and cranny of your home using the correct cleaning materials for each area.

You needn’t worry about them damaging your expensive furnishings by using the wrong formulas. You don’t have to pay for bottle after bottle of cleaning formulas to suit every surface in your home.

If you suffer from allergies, you won’t undergo a costly trial-and-error process to find cleaning solutions that work for you, or expose yourself to potential allergens while cleaning.

A house cleaning service uses tried and tested methods to ensure your home stays clean and allergen-free. 

3. Hiring Cleaning Services Is Better For Your Health

Hiring a cleaning service benefits both your physical and mental health.

Unless you have ample time and all the necessary equipment to dedicate to cleaning, you’re going to miss a few spots with DIY house cleaning. 

Apart from allergens, harmful bacteria can quickly build up in a dirty home.

Even a few missed crumbs can attract unwanted pests into your home, bringing a host of health risks with them. Cockroaches, rodents, and spiders love untended spaces where they can proliferate in peace.

What’s more, numerous studies have shown that clutter and untidy spaces increase stress hormones and foster depression. On the contrary, a clean home is a peaceful haven after a busy day at work. 

Take Back Your Free Time

You can rest assured that your home is spotless, hygienic, and allergen-free when you hire a house cleaning service. In this way, a house cleaning service pays for itself in no time when it comes to time savings and peace of mind. 

Are you ready to place your house maintenance tasks like dusting, polishing, and vacuuming in someone else’s capable hands? Get in touch for a customized quote today.